Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Fridgeless Kitchen

A friend, fed up of room temp water through our summers, gifted us a fridge. But this post is about the basic kitchen, one without a refrigerator.  The basic kitchen teaches us to focus more on how we cook, our understanding of the processes involved, and to turn mealtimes into more than just eating, but a celebration, during, before, and after.
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One decision can be to not invest in a fridge, though one should get one at the first opportunity, but hell, some might not want to add to clutter, or be short of space, and that first opportunity can take a while for some people!

One of the things that seems like a big challenge is getting by with a reasonably nutritious diet without a refrigerator. we grieve that we miss out not only stuff like chilled drinks and icecreams, but also not have access to storing vegetables and meat/poultry and dairy products. Further, leftovers are a liability and likely will go waste. However, as time passes, one discovers ways of getting around this, and now, several months down, we have a diet where we are not impacted in any way by not using a refrigerator.

Our challenges were butter, milk, cheese, eggs, stocking up on vegetables for a week or more, green leafy vegetables, stuff like mayo and other dressings, toppings, and other processed pastes, and of course, leftovers.

That makes it a long post. Read more here.

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