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The Wiki says, In 1950, Gopal Singh Visharad filed a title suit with the Allahabad High Court seeking injunction to offer 'puja' (worship) at the disputed site. A similar suit was filed shortly after but later withdrawn by Paramhans Das of Ayodhya.[27] In 1959, the Nirmohi Akhara, a Hindu religious institution,[28] filed a third title suit seeking direction to hand over the charge of the disputed site, claiming to be its custodian. A fourth suit was filed by the Muslim Central Board of Wakf for declaration and possession of the site. The Allahabad high court bench began hearing the case in 2002, which was completed in 2010. However, the bench withheld its verdict till September 24. After the Supreme Court dismissed a plea to defer the high court verdict, the high court set September 30, 2010 as the final date for pronouncing the judgement.

On September 30, 2010, the High Court of Allahabad, the three-member bench comprising justices SU Khan, Sudhir Agarwal and DV Sharma, ruled that the disputed land be split into three parts. The site of the Ramlala idol would go to the party representing Ram Lalla Virajman (the Ram deity), Nirmohi Akhara to get Sita Rasoi and Ram Chabutara, and the Sunni Wakf Board to get the rest. The court also ruled that status quo was to be maintained for three months.[30][31]

 This post is written shorty after September 30, 2010.  To read more about this point in eternity, click here.

All religious festivals carry great wisdom and learning for all of us, regardless of our religion or lack of religion.Precisely because we, as a race and not as religions, are looking at a future overrun by our excesses of greed and ignorance is it essential that we resolve to leave intolerance and anger aside and imbibe the wisdom that life offers to us. All the strife that we have been witness to in the name of religions and gods and righteousness should only make our determination to build a peaceful future stronger. Read More.

At another blog, a friend wrote, my Ramadan this year in Hyderabad along with my parents and loved ones was indeed delightful alhamdulillah. I witnessed the typical Hyderabadi Ramadan fervor. By afternoon almost all restaurants would gear up to prepare the day’s Haleem. The pounding of this delectable dal and wheat mixture starts and by Iftaar time, the streets would be full of stalls set up selling all kinds of fresh fruits, to a range of freshly deep fried snacks and what not. By the night, all mosques would be filled with Allah ke banday coming from far and near to pray and beg Allah for mercy and blessings.

The perceptions of time, lifetime and the endurance of the faithful and faithless alike were altered, hopefully for the better, by the verdict.  

Time tells.

My weekend?  Joplin, Lennon, the Ayodhya verdict, the peace ensuing, Hyderabad shutting down for the week a little earlier than usual. Read more.

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Biddha karo
Bhasako Da Gamara pansa bachara
I cannot get over why translation must so butcher names.

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